am I a Plan Plan Girl???

The answer will be ‘yes’

Yesterday, I said, ‘Yes I am’, Today I say, ‘No I am not’, 5 minutes ago I said, ‘Yes It’s True’, Now I say, ‘No It’s not True’,oh…what should I do?

Slalu dan selalu seperti ini..kapan ak belajar dewasa? kapan ak belajar membuat keputusan? apakah untuk menjadi dewasa itu sangatlah sulit?apakah untuk membuat keputusan itu adalah hal yang tidak mudah?apakah semuanya itu lebih sukar daripada mengerjakan suatu proyek dengan tanggung jawab sendiri?iy????????????????

A decision is the heavy thing to get, why…at this moment I still don’t know what decision will I get of my relationship?I don’t know who will help me to solve this problem….GOD, where are you?I need you..I really…really…need you….
When I choose him, I ask you Lord, I ask you, does him Lord?? Yes, U replied me Lord, but now why I feel confuse?why that can happend to me lord?

I c, all this things are coming from me, he never treated me like this, but why I?why I always treat him like this?where is my love to him?is that no more love for him???oh no…I love him so, so…none change him in the special place in my deepest heart, I must change…I should…that’s my responsibility right now, back to past…Love him as much as he has…come on guys….

From now, I don’t want to say that I’m a plin plan girl anymore, I want more..more than I’ve known myself before, I want to be more adult to solve all of my problems.
I can…I can….

For my special person in my deepest heart(my prince), I Love You so, more than you know


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