I’m give up….

I’m give up….that statement really..really nice to me exactly.
After a few week, you never give me a news, never say hello anymore, no sms anymore,leave me without reason. where should I find you?

confuse…what do you treat me like this, something wrong w’ me? do i has any mistakes?you never told me that I did something wrong to you.

ak ngerasa kehilangan banget…ak ngerasa orang yg selama ini dekat dengan ak ‘dah pergi jauh banget….padahal saat2 ini ak butuh dia kasih semangat ‘ama ak. Tapi…apa yang harus ak lakukan saat ak diperhadapkan dengan situasi yg seperti ini? dia ‘g ada kasih kabar, dia ‘g ada ngubungin ak, dia ‘g ada balas message ak, oh no…………I hate you……………….and I’m give up
tp ak ‘g nyesel ko’ pernah kenal ‘ama kmu….



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