It must be Formatted !!

It must be’ formatted !!!
That’s the customer service says to me just now.
Hate it so……….
It’s all because of a thing called ‘VIRUS’
it broke up my Handphone….

But it’s my mistake, because I’ve not installed ‘anti virus’ on notebook,
because, it will run very slowly, i’ve tried..but it doesn’t work well,
and now, I should format my memory card, to delete that crazy thing.

The basic of my sadness, i’m not back up all the data yet ='(,
many songs, many pictures,many themes, many applications, many files in it.
akh………hate it so….

Now, I should download all the applications,
Opera Mini, e-buddy, Super bloetooth(favorite!!), themes and games also.
Hopefully, I never to format it anymore,
don’t do the same mistake twice girl !!!


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