Finally "August"

Praise Lord, it’s August =)……..

Today, I can wake up, I can breath, I can drink, I can walk, I can sing to Praise Lord, I can pray to give thanks and ask for His blessing for me today, I can tell all my wishes for present and my future, I can hear my lovely person’s voice, I can walk and many more I have and still can do like day before until this day and better.
It’s because of His Blessing, Thank You so Much Lord, Thank You.

Last month, I have “Give Thanks” for the title, and today after I reviewed my life in the last month, I did it, although sometimes I realized that I always indict God to do all I want. I’m sorry Lord =(. And Thank You so much Lord, for all the things that You’ve done to me for the last month, many blessing and I’m so blessed !everytime I need Him, he always there for me, I love You more and more Jesus.

In this August, I have “Renascent” for the title.

I want to renascent from my life before, may be so many mistakes I’ve done to myself, my family, my boy, my friends and my God, I want to be better. In my career, in my study I want to do y best always, I want to show that I can do my best. And according to Independence’s day of Indonesia, I pray for Indonesia can renascent and always in Lord’s Blessing.
God Bless me ‘n Indonesia =)



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