Finally "November"

Tengkiu Lord, it’s November, I’m so thankfull for everything that I have ’til now, You still give me chance to breath and another blessings, You are so amazing Lord….Tengkiu My Lovely Father, Best Friend and My everything.

My Lovely Father, Tengkiu for My last great October, according to My Title Lord @October “Struggle” and everything is under Your Plan Lord and everything is unbelieveable for me, it’s all are Your best plan for me Lord, I fell like a Winner, I can pass my heavy October become my great October, so many problems, so many experimentations but with You Lord, everything is GREAT like You are Lord, How Great !!

In this November, I’ll give title “Best Decision” month, ‘cos many plans which I’ll take, so I hope all of my plan and the best one which I selected come from God. Help me in this month God for every decision that I take, You olwez beside me and tell me how to be a good decision maker Lord.

Lord bless Your me, AMEN


13 thoughts on “Finally "November"

  1. iya kak, aku juga baru liat setelah ku obrak-abrik isi blog kk ini… :-)kl gitu, kakak terusin ‘award’ nya aja kak….adil kan?? 🙂


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