Sure Miss You All

I want to say that “I sure miss you a lot…!!
Need you here with me, accompany me with all of mine,
Dedicated to :
– Mom, Dad, Twin sister
– My Nephew, Niece
– My ‘E’
– My Old Best Friend

In this crowded town, I feel lonely…!!


9 thoughts on “Sure Miss You All

  1. I miss you so much honey.. no one can change that.. I want to meet you.. Where ever you’re, HE said that you are my lost women… Need you


  2. Lagi di makassar ya ?NGapain ?kalo mo travel gitu bawa barang2 pengingat dr rumahgue biasanya bawa kaos suami gue yang belum di cucibiar baunya nempel teruus :)serasa ada di deket gue


  3. [EYAN]Come home soon beib…!I’ll always wait for u[Depz]hehehe…[CeritaEka]h.h.h.Iy kk, dia lg tugas diMkasar :(hm..baiklah, ‘ntar klo dia blik aQ pinjem bajunya, h.h.h.[Julie]I am a woman sist’..:)


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