DB oh DB

‘wah…I’m Back…..!!
After a week got bed rest, ‘cos d’ disease which came to my body, and I wasn’t ready yet, ‘cos my stamina was so bad just for a few months before and then from Thursday ’til Sunday I’ve got fever and Sunday afternoon I felt bad, then went to d’hospital and blood checking, and my trombosit was not in a normal number, it was 130 (*Checking result), so I should stay there ’til d’next blood checking, ‘cos d’doctor told me that I got DB (Demam Berdarah).

1st day in hospital was so bored, alone without anyone accompany me there,my family was far from me, my ‘E’ also, my friends were working, ‘cos it was office hours,although after office hour they came to d’hospital, but it just a few hours, so sad….:(
but surprising me, at 23.00, my ‘E’ came to my hospital from Makasar…Thanks Lord…You’re so amazing….!
before my ‘E’ came, my best fren Luv AKA Dy would stay in hospital to preserve me, but after my ‘E’ came, she back and then my ‘E’ became my private nurse…. Love him so..

2nd day in hospital became better, ‘cos i had a best private nurse, accompany me 24 hours and had no rest at all, gave me breakfast, lunch, and dinner even in front of my family and friends who come to look me out, h.h.h. I was so spoiled they said, but it just because I’m too happy because my ‘E’ showed me his caring in that situation.

3rd day, I felt better, cos i wanna go out from that hospital, It was so bored…hospital’s smell, hospital’s food and d’crowded one, fuih…I was confuse, is it hospital or traditional market…? and at d’3rd day, my trombosit was up, Thanks Lord

4th day I asked my doctor to go out from that hospital, and d’doctor agree, yupiiiiiiiiii….Thanks Lord, and ready to d’dating and enjoy bebi hui”, after have no appetite along stay there…!

Over all, now I should take care my health,and no any kind of food to consume,
I love hospital, especially d’private nurse, but i prefer to be strong and be healthy,
Tengkyu Lord for your healing, and tengkyu for my family’s prayer and support, tengkyu for caring of my private nurse ‘E’, tengkyu for all of my best friends 🙂


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