Yesterday, Headache came on me, feel so weak when it did
Yesterday, I say goodbye ‘cos u should go back, then we’re seperated by distance and time(again)
Yesterday, It’s all ’bout my PMS, I say something like a damn statement which both us never won’t
Yesterday, I felt so stupid because all of my words which made ur heart broken

Yesterday, Misunderstanding couldn’t explain ‘cos we’re bothering by your phone in a law bat
Yesterday, Waitin’ for ur arrival, not gave me any space in my room
Yesterday, By taken some medicines, I hope we’ve got amnesia after wake up then
Yesterday, I couldn’t imagine how much tears on my cheek and my pillow

……………….. ……………….. ………………..

Today, My phone wake me up with some of delivery text message received
Today, To open my eyes need extra effort
Today, Ear in my left side is so tickle..feel want to go to the doctor then
Today, I try to call u and give support as usually done in the morning
Today, Feel not strong enough back to work
Today, Waiting ur news make me can’t stay concentrate for what I do
Today, I pray and keep hoping u’ll come as a couple days ago
Today, Hearing all songs on ear in my right side are meaningless
Today, I still can imagine what if I’m not getting the answer ’til end of day..



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