February "Love"

Hard” in January works, and I can handle it with all of mine…
phewww……it’s all ’bout Lord’s blessing, Thank’s Lord…i can handle it…
Luv YOU….Luv YOU….

This is my February…
I wanna make this month be a “Love” month, why…?is it because 14th of Feb is valentine..?
‘Cos..I want to share more Love with God, Family, Folk, Dearest Friend, Friend and all people whom I meet, although to share more love not just in this month, but let me start it from this month ^_*. I realize that I’m not too friendly to all people, especially in first sight, otherwise if they had knew me well, They’ll say…”She is such a great friend” LOL

My dream in this month just 1 “GET A NEW BEST PLACE”, Yes..absolutely…
I’ve done my part, then I’ve surrender all to My JC,
and I believe His plan and time MUST be the best..

Hav a great month everyone,
Let’s share our love to everyone more…..


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