Goodbye Amangboru Ginting

Sunday, March 4th 2012

A text from my sistah Coy “Ka’…Amangboru Eka udah dipanggil TUHAN”

JLEBBBBB…I was having Sunday service in Church, Shocking me…again 1 of Opung Ester’s Family (Read: Our Grandfather and Grandmother Generation’s Name) had a bad news :’(.

What can I say about amangboru? He’s great, he’s kind, he’s lovely. I know he had a fussy wife, yet he loved her so much. Amangboru had 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl.

We do believe he is in heaven, now. Have you met our PA’eee, amangboru..?

‘wah..have a wonderful moment up there, in heaven GOD Bless Amangboru’s family, especially our great Bou whom always support Amangboru and stay loyal ‘till the death apart.

Deep condolence and GOD Bless


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