How’s Life after Married

Hey ho…. I do love this post’s title

How’s life…? I’m proudly say IT’S AMAZING, hahaha….
Not only because We are Married, yet My life is changed into 180 degree
AHAAAAAAA…. sounds good hu’h 😉

When I was single, I lived in Jakarta and I was able doing anything as my wish as long as it was good for me and made me happy. I lived there for almost 7 years. I worked and had to survived with my own effort and GOD as my guide, indeed. I wasnt a lazy girl, I was quite neat when my mood was good because my mood was the main point of how my life was, wkakkaka. I lived in a home stay(read: kostan), and I lived alone in my room, and I never wanted to go to my housemate room, I loved my own room and can stayed there all day long without going nowhere(read: anak rumahan), hahahhaa….

My routine from day to day,
I wake up at 8 am, opsss….but wait dude, I can wake up earlier if I have something that push me to wake up or I have something important to do, or when boyfriend(read: before married) asked me to wake him up, yeah…that’s all the excuses why I get up earlier 😀

Almost everyday, I’m going late to the office, and after arrived at office I still spare my time for having breakfast. For breakfast and lunch, I always go out with my office mate, and enjoy breakfast and lunch outside, I never cooked for myself. After office hour, If i want to have dinner, I ask anyone for having dinner together or I buy it by myself or even I’m lazy and have no appetite so I dont have dinner. So frankly I’m not good at all at cooking or even to prepare it..

For cleaning my room, It’s an activity that I never forget to do, because I hate to see my room which only 2*3 mtr dirty, so for cleaning, I’m the master, wakakkaka….

So, what happen with my routine day by day after I get married…?

My routine from day to day,
Now, I live in MEDAN, yeahhh..a town that I never like and never imagine to live in this town for good, yet I truly believe GOD wants me to, so this is the best for me. I wake up at 5 am, pray, prepare and cook for breakfast or lunch as well. Clean house, wash the dirty dishes, wake my husband up, prepare our suit for the day, take a bath, having breakfast, prepare my lunch taking to the office, pray and then go the office delivered by beloved husband. We go to the office at 7 am, because My husband and I have to arrive at office 8 am, and we get pinalty when we are late :D.

I love my husband more, because he deliver me to my office which is so far away from our house and his office, and after office hour after he go out from his office, he should pick me up from my office too, GOD BLESS my beloved husband.

After arrived at home, I have to prepare our dinner, clean the house and anything else until house is neat :D, then I take a bath and then go to bed, oh ya.. if my husband has a deadline and have to finish his work at home, I usually accompany him so that we can go to bed at the same time, opsss… (read: istri yg baik). Now, everyday I always find out to make a new breakfast, lunch and dinner. Proudly say that cooking is my hobby after I’m married, hahahhahaa…

So…Am I amazing? wakakkaka… yeah..I’m amaze with myself, yet it’s all not about my strenght, it’s all about GOD as my guide tell me and teach me what to do in my new role as a wife and shape me to be a good wife for my beloved husband. PRAISE GOD, HOW GREAT IS MY GOD. However I regret not prepare myself when I was single to be a good wife so that when I’m married, I’m not shock, hihihi…

PS. For all women out there, if you will get married in couples of month, I warn you to prepare youself, before that routine kill you, hahaha.. *kidding


4 thoughts on “How’s Life after Married

  1. wakkakaa…Maya ‘ntar ntuh diceritain dalam postingan berikutnya ya :p
    anw, bagi link blog maya, biar aku buat di blogroll inang 🙂


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