Welcoming June 2012

Tons of greeting for this June from everyone for today, yah…people are overwhelming for another new month they get, and me as well. Thanking GOD for giving such a new month, a new day for me and beloved people around me. This is not because of our strength, it’s all about GOD Grace. Without GOD, we don’t deserve to get it. #ThankingGOD June 2012

Before make this post, I try to search “JUNE” from my blog to make sure, if I ever wrote anything about June and then.. tadaaaaaa, I just found 3000 posts about JUNE,

1. FINALLY “JUNE” 2008

2. FINALLY “JUNE” 2009


Yeah….long time ago I usually wrote a title for every month for giving motivation for me myself know how do I achieve something every month, even it achievement for getting better or for get something in my life. Now for this June of 2012, I want to give title “10”, what does it mean? Emm…let me and my hubbie know it, if you want you to know it too, just ask GOD for it, hahahaa…
For whatever it is, let this June be a month of hope for everybody, GODspeed. #GODBLESS


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