Horeeeeeee, this is the time that I wait for so long, more than I wait for my hubbie. EURO 2012 is coming, this is the day for football lover all over the world are waiting for and be the trending topic for couple of month. Been too long for me as well not writing about EURO, the latest i make a post about EURO is about 4 years ago, EURO 2008 and I wrote a chronicle why do I love football(read: oh.. I miss you PA’eee).

About fave team, I never want to change it with others, Germany always be my fave. Although I don’t know anything about football, I just enjoy being a good spectator. I’d rather being a good spectator than a bad commentator(read: Sotoy). Anyway, as usual I’ll watch the match wif beloved hubbie, if he has no work to do hu’h, yah..as a workaholic, he loves to do this work than enjoy the game, but anyway I love him no matter what, hahahaa..

Happy watching everyone, hope we are not sleep in the next day after watched our fave  team, hihihi…

EURO 2012
EURO 2012

This is schedule of EURO 2012:

1. POLANDIA vs YUNANI (Live! 8 Juni, pukul 21.00 WIB)
2. RUSIA vs CEKO (Live! 9 Juni, Pukul 01.00 WIB)
3. BELANDA vs DENMARK (Live! 9 Juni, pukul 22.15 WIB)
4. JERMAN vs PORTUGAL (Live! 10 Juni, Pukul 01.00 WIB)
5. SPANYOL vs ITALIA (Live! 10 Juni, Pukul 22.15 WIB)
6. IRLANDIA vs KROASIA (Live! 11 Juni, Pukul 01.00 WIB)
7. PERANCIS vs INGGRIS (Live! 11 Juni, Pukul 22.15 WIB)
8. UKRAINA vs SWEDIA (Live! 12 Juni, Pukul 01.00 WIB)
9. YUNANI vs CEKO (Live! 12 Juni, Pukul 22.15 WIB)
10. POLANDIA vs RUSIA (Live! 13 Juni, Pukul 01.00 WIB)
11. DENMARK vs PORTUGAL (Live! 13 Juni, Pukul 22.15 WIB)
12. BELANDA vs JERMAN (Live! 14 Juni, Pukul 01.00 WIB)
13. ITALIA vs KROASIA (Live! 14 Juni. Pukul 22.15 WIB)
14. SPANYOL vs IRLANDIA (Live! 15 Juni, Pukul 01.00 WIB)
15. UKRAINA vs PERANCIS (Live! 15 Juni, Pukul 22.15 WIB)
16. SWEDIA vs INGGRIS (Live! 16 Juni, Pukul 01.00 WIB)
17. CEKO vs POLANDIA (Live! 17 Juni, Pukul 01.00 WIB)
18. YUNANI vs RUSIA (Delay! 17 Juni, Pukul 04.00 WIB)
19. PORTUGAL vs BELANDA (Live! 18 Juni, Pukul 01.00 WIB)
20. DENMARK vs JERMAN (Live! 18 Juni, Pukul 04.00 WIB)
21. KROASIA vs SPANYOL (Live! 19 Juni, Pukul 01.00 WIB)
22. ITALIA vs IRLANDIA (Live! 19 Juni, 04.00 WIB)
23. INGGRIS vs UKRAINA (Live! 20 Juni, Pukul 01.00 WIB)
24. SWEDIA vs PERANCIS(Live! 20 Juni, Pukul 04.00 WIB


25. WINNER GROUP A vs RUNNER-UP GROUP B (Live! 22 Juni, Pukul 01.00 WIB)
26. WINNER GROUP B vs RUNNER-UP GROUP A (Live! 23 Juni, Pukul 01.00 WIB)
27. WINNER GROUP C vs RUNNER-UP GROUP D (Live! 24 Juni, Pukul 01.00 WIB)
28. WINNER GROUP D vs RUNNER-UP GROUP C (Live! 25 Juni, Pukul 01.00 WIB)


29. WINNER MATCH 25 vs WINNER MATCH 27 (Live! 28 Juni, Pukul 01.00 WIB)
30. WINNER MATCH 26 vs WINNER MATCH 28 (Live! 29 Juni, Pukul 01.00 WIB)

FINAL (Live! 1 Juli, Pukul 23.00 WIB)


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