Second Month of Ours

Saturday, 16th of June 2012,

I don’t know what I suppose say, yet proudly say #ThankingGOD for another month we go through. For a blessed marriage in every circumtances that we face, we do believe GOD is with us as our Guide. (Still) pray for another months, years walk together in our marriage,   and (still) fight together for another battle afterwards.

I LOVE U are words just three,
which mean so much on our ANNIVERSARY,
so this is what i want to say,
live in my heart n there 4 ever stay!

To beloved husband:

Thank U 4being a greater supporter in everything I did, do and will do

Thank U 4being a best husband by giving your best prayers

Thank U 4being a father that never forget to protect  from my weakness

Thank U 4being a mother as private nurse at the lowest point of my days

Thank U 4being a best friend in listening, wipe the tears and convulse with laughter

From all of my words above, it means that

You’re Answer of My prayer for years, I love U in GOD”


2 thoughts on “Second Month of Ours

  1. yakin si abang the best husband? udah nyobain punya suami lain emangnya? wakaka… #kabuuuuurrrr :p

    eniwei, happy two months anniversary sis 😀


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