#ThankingGOD for another new month we have, we’ll live it up :’). Welcoming July, welcoming home beloved husband after a few days fight in Palembang as the preparation for your dream, welcoming new spirit and blessing from AWESOME GOD, welcoming a new me by learning from previous month to be more like “CHRIST“. I’m nobody yet I’m having somebody, yes.. HE’s My GOD. 

Picture captured from

Another #ThankingGOD for achievement for our “10” as I wrote in Welcoming June 2012, we do believe it’s all GOD’s work, not us, it’s HIS. As long as I knew My GOD –  Christ Jesus, HE always gave me surprise. Was it a good news nor bad news, yet HE did to tell me that HE’s AWESOME. Before I made the title for this July 2012, I got my another July that I ever made for flashing me back and realized the target that I’ve achieved.

Here they are:

1. July 2008

2. July 2009

Ouchhh, where did I in July 2010 and 2011? hahaha.. I should be busy at that time hu’h? *self-defense. Whatever, I think we(read: Me and Hubbie) will have a busy month this July. For ex: Surgery for my wisdom teeth and Attending the wedding of our cousin, which means we do need strength for accomplish it all. Yeah… I’ll set “GOD’s INTERVENTION” as the title for this July. May GOD bless us and you all folks out there.

Tulislah semua rencana mu dengan pensil, dan berikan penghapusnya kepada TUHAN, agar TUHAN bisa mengganti rencana mu dengan rencana TUHAN yang jauh lebih baik, -anonymous-

Anw, happy birthday for all of my beloved friends who celebrate their birthday in this July, wish you all the best in GOD and many happiness return and bless people surrounding #GODBLESS


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