Quiz, Makanmana, 061Bistro

“Horeeeeeeeee… I got it ‘yan, we’ll have romantic dinner and it’s free”, A text from me for hubbie
“How come?”, got the reply
“I win a quiz in a website”, keep on the excitement
“I don’t really understand, honey”, Common text from hubbie in his confusion
“It’s ok ‘yan, lemme explain it when you pick me up then”, concise,compact and clear text

As the new comer to this ‘sangar’ town, I’m trying to know everything about Medan, which is that I’m obsessed to. Each of day, I usually asked friends who knew much about Medan, including culinary, place to hang out, place for shopping and so on. Google as the bridge between us who want to find everything in this world and the source that we want to know about is the best weapon as well. Social media is one of the result of googling,then i found www.makanmana.net as 1 of the best web as my reference, and it’s not a weird question when I asked hubbie to a new place and he said “Tau dari mana tempat ini de? aku ajah belon pernah kesini”, hahahaa.

In makanmana, there’s a cafe that I want to go named 061Bistro because from twitter @ceritamedan I knew that in here every Thursday is held STANDUP COMEDY for Medan Area, and you know how I love Standup comedy, i posted it in here. I have asked hubbie for coming there to watch live of standup comedy, yet the situation is (still)not right. So, i can say I’m craving for 061Bistro cafe and live standup comedy.

One day, i opened makanmana as usual for finding another place to go to, and it’s not a coincidental i participate in the quiz which made by makanmana and 061bistro. Anw I don’t expect more to win this quiz, because as long as I participate in a quiz, i never win any.

Q      :     “Jika menang quiz ini, apa yang akan kamu lakukan?”

A      :     “Kalau mnang dpt voucher mau dinner romantic ama suami tercinta, terutama pengen nyobain Nasi Agore, di Jakarta ada 1 tempat yang enak banget ayam rempahnya, klo di 061Bistro kira2 rasanya gmn, kalau emang lebih dasyat bakalan dipromosiin dan direkomendasi buat temen2 yg dtg dr Jakarta buat nyobain, hihiiiihi..”

After got lunch, I came back to my desk and check my email, there’s an email with subject “Voucher 061 Bistro”, don’t wait for too long I opened, read and replied, then less than 20 minutes I got the voucher from email. Wow… I don’t even see from the value, yet I’m overwhelming of joy, this is the first time in my life win the quiz, hahahhaa.

Voucher Dine In 061 Bistro

When hubbie picked me up as usual from office, in my head since out of office is told him about the voucher, i keep that news without told him from sms or by phone, i’d prefer told me directly so that i can transferred the joy, and I did it folks. He was happy as well. So I have made the plan to go there ASAP and in Thursday of course means today, so we can enjoy the live standup comedy :). Ok I’ll have a romantic dinner tonite with hubbie *Term and condition applied.

PS. *Not rainy outside after office hour


10 thoughts on “Quiz, Makanmana, 061Bistro

  1. Haaaaiii aku mampir juga!!! Hehe
    Jadi dirimu dari Jakarta pindah ke Medan? Wowow…. gimana rasanya? Kayanya musti sering2 baca posting sebelumnya.
    Eh gw tertarik banget loh sama kebudayaan Batak, mungkin karena banyak temen orang Batak. Menarik banget adat istiadatnya. hehehe. Btw dirimu cantik sekali deh… 😀


    1. Ahhh..TQ udah mampir :), iy di Jakarta juga perantau ko’, tp krna ikut suami jadinya balik ke Medan, jadi masih blon banyak tau ttg Medan. Suka adat batak sist? waakaka..I’m not good enough at it, actually tp kalau kalau ada pertanyaan silahken, hahaha


      1. bah…rambangon ya… :)) ah, sister jg rajinnya sejak di medan aja, waktu masih di negri antah berantah, 100x direfresh ga ada juga update-an terbaru..wkwkwk


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