August 2012, Month of “Someday”

Wow.. July was just passed, this is August #ThankingGOD for a new and blessed month ahead. Talking about July, can’t say enough it’s awesome as the title “GOD’s Intervention”. Everything that we planned, hoped, prayed are happened in a good one.  Attending of Hubbie’s Nephew wedding party, Welcoming Hutagaol’s Family from Siantar to our house, Surgery for my wisdow teeth and got status permanent employment in my new office. So what more I want to doubt of, July is GOD’s Intervention.

August, We’re so ready for you, and I make the title “Month of  ‘someday’ “. What does it mean, It means if GOD says Everything happen in the right time, and I get it which is always say that “If it is not today, It is ‘someday’ “. I do believe this month ‘someday’ is. GOD bless for everything, GOD bless y’all folks.


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