September 2012, You’re The Someday

Talk about August, it’s a mystery. Mystery of something that GOD has prepared for us. Still remember what I wrote in my monthy posting which is what I gave the title for August? yes..Month of  “Someday” and what we got in the beginning of this september? yes.. That’s “Someday”. What the “Someday” refers to? may be I’ll make it in the new posting :).

Anw, September always is my favorite month, ever. Neither happiness nor sadness in september, I keep loving september. Too many memories in september as long as I live. I was born in September 1984 and belover PA’eee was passed away in September 2011. Every year, when september comes I feel the lucky is mine and all the blessing is coming upon me, how blessed I am in every september. Maybe the sadness of september is only when GOD called PA’eee for coming to HIS home, Heaven. Yet, now PA’eee should be happy enough with out great GOD, there. No sick, no pain, no stress, no problem and the only thing being there is HAPPINESS.

Yeah…26 days to go to my birthday for being 28 and 8 months to go to our “Someday”, hihihi..(read: I give the clue), may this september brings a lot blessing for us and I’ll give “PRAISE and WORSHIP” for September forgiving chance for me and hubbie to be close and closer with our dearest and awesome, GOD. #ThankingGOD for everything, for another september we’ve got.


4 thoughts on “September 2012, You’re The Someday

  1. Love September too, 23 is my birthday *minta kado sis* hahaha…..

    Eniwei, congrats ya sister, sehat2 selalu dengan si calon dedek 🙂


      1. wakakaka… bukannya kalau satu bintang itu justru ga cocok ya sis?

        Aq sih ga tau pasti aku virgo apa libra, karna untuk tanggal 23 adalah batas akhir virgo, tapi awal dari Libra. Ku rasa aku kombinasi keduanya, sensitif (virgo) tapi berani berjuang demi keadilan (libra)..hahahha :))

        jalan tengahnya, kita adalah produk ‘September Ceria’ :*


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