Diversity of Dad and Mom To Be

Being dad and mom to be make us have to learn a lot of new things, for what to do and don’t.  It’s all new, lovely, complicated, and confusing, yess…yet we both enjoy it. By searching at internet, asking experinced people and got explanation from our favorite doctor.  I’m thankful when I got something new and told it to hubbie, he listened to me and learned it as well and sometimes he found it out by himself, am I lucky to have him hu’h? :’)

About my pregnancy especially for the vomit and nausea I have wrote in some of my previous posts, all the alternative things which we found and tried to make it worked at me until got some medicine from doctor because I loose my weight until 4KG, thanking GOD I didn’t have to stay at hospital caused of. Yet, some of my friends who knew my condition before,when I got extreme vomit and nausea asked me how to manage it when them or their wife got it then, ow..I could share my experience for others, hihihh..

So, let’s talk about another diversity of us, dad and mom to be for our #Baby-M:

1. Giving Mozart

Since 4th month of my pregnancy, me and hubbie are agree to give him mozart which is some sources said that mozard can stimulate baby’s intelligence since in womb, make him rilex and comfortable  when listening to. May be not only mozart, we also gave him worship songs. So firstly when we committed to give him mozart, we had to buy a big headset which could be used in my big tummy and without giving such a long speech to hubbie to buy it, what kind of headset, what type, he bought it, and tadaaaa…he bought such a big and expensive one. When I asked him why, he answered me camly, “I’ll do everything for my son“, ok then he used his money, I didn’t mind of it anyway, hahahaa….

#Baby-M is listening to mozart

We didn’t buy any mozart CD actually, we planned to download it, yet in the spare time I tried to search application in my phone, was there any application which consist of mozart that dedicated to baby, and yes I found it. I found some applications, when we played it for the first time, it was downloaded automatically to my phone, I loved it. So..every night I gave our #Baby-M to listen to mozart, although sometimes when I gave it to #Baby-M, he became so active(read: I didn’t know, is there some mozart which make baby is active or sleep by listening to) , and if it happened I’m totally confused to close my eyes, because something was dancing in my tummy :).

Ok, lets share some mozart which I found in 4shared 🙂

– Morning Baby Series – Mozart for Babies

– Happy Baby Series- Mozart for Babies

– Baby Einstein Baby Mozart – Concert For Little Ears 192 kbs (por Sipotin)

– Baby Einstein – Baby Mozart – Concert For Little Ears


2. Telling Bible Story

Yes, although this part just done this month, yet me and hubbie loved it. Since I went to Christian book store, I found this book, I loved it because it consisted of 2 languages, Indonesia and English, I wished that our son’s english gonna be great later, hahaha… When I had time to read the book, I took the book and read it and hubbie did the same thing as well. This book made all the stories in the bible into a short story with lovely drawing in it, and by reading this book, me and hubbie also learned a lot of story from bible which was we listened when we was at sunday school :).

#Baby-M is listening to GOD's words

This book suggests, that every title of story is read for a day, yet me and hubbie always read some titles for #Baby-M because we both enjoyed reading it, and now we addicted to tell #Baby-M each story of . Me and hubbie has decided to go to christian book store again to buy another lovely book, so that there will be more book to be given to #Baby-M  and to be read by us, hihihih. Anw, why do I make this point is “Telling Bible Story” ..? because when we both read it, we weren’t only read, yet we told #Baby-M what we know and understand about what GOD said in it, because as our thought “Read” is different with “Tell”.


3.  Preparing Breast Milk Storage

Sounds weird hu’h? hahahaha.. no, it doesn’t for me and hubbie :). I have some experienced friends who has told me what to do when I’m gonna be a mom, one of the important thing is giving my child breast milk from my own. Besides it’s really good for the child’s health, it helps a lot for buying formula milk. “People may laugh at you when you have prepared for your breast milk storage from now on, whereas you don’t know yet can you produce it or no, yet you have to prepare everything and be positive that you’ll have a lot of breast milk later“, the best support ever that I got from them :’)

Since I told hubbie about that, and we both have the same thought that we will give our child or children later the breast milk from my own for 2 years, 6 months for the exclusive one and the next month will be added some additional menu for #Baby-M. So..after read a lot of sources and asking some experienced friends, they told us that bottle of UC 1000 is a good storage for the breast milk, and no doubt hubbie is always drink UC1000 and keep the bottle after drank it, I love when he cleaned it and keep it into our cupboard which he prepared by himself for the breast milk storage will be.

pic got from google

At office, some of my friend also love to drink UC1000, then I told them if they have drunk it, give the bottle to me, and with a little explanation they understand and until now, if any of them has one, they’ll give it to me or when I’m not on my desk, they leave it there, what a support, isn’t it :’). Last week hubbie clean them again, he said that to keep the bottle sterile before it’s used, we have had 30 bottles, yeayy…

May be there all are a little thing and simple thing which we prepare for #Baby-M as a new dad and mom to be, yet the best thing that we prepare for #Baby-M is our BEST PRAYER. PRAYER as a new parent to be, so that we can be an example for our children later, not by what we say, yet by what we do and how our children to be the best children who obey their parent and fear of GOD, instead. Please pray for us also folks :’), GOD BLESS


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