February 2012

Hey..even it’s late but February is not end yet, so..it doesn’t matter if I make this late post hu’h. Yeay..2nd month of each year,yes..it’s February and Keep #ThankingGOD for another new month we’ve got. Another chance that GOD still gave, it’s all not because our strenght, it’s all about HIS BLESSING.

In the beginning of this February, hubbie told me that the schedule for working again in his project is announced, and he should go as soon as possible, what a news for me. After almost two months free from getting assignment to go to that project, now he has to go again, let me and #Baby-M alone :(.

I think I have be strong enough if anytime hubbie should go, because I think I have #Baby-M for accompanying me now, I can talk with him and he will answer me with his movement in my tummy, yet I still and always need hubbie besides me. So today, in office I feel so mellow because I remember, I went and back home then by myself, without by beloved hubbie who always waiting for me and pick me up after office hour.

Oh no,I can’t be like this, I have to be strong and keep supporting hubbie to do his best in his work there. I know he did it all because he wants to give the best for me and #Baby-M, little by little our dream will be came true with everything we did now. I have to pray more for hubbie and for our little family, so that GOD keep giving HIS blessing upon us and bless us in every step and process we take now.

Ok then, back to February, wish hubbie come home soon as long as his project runs well and brings very good news, pray for my health because I’m alone without hubbie who can take care of me everytime I need him, and pray for our #Baby-M so he keeps growing and stay healthy, so when it’s time for meet #Baby-M in doctor’s room by our another appointment, it brings another joy for us.  Oh yes, the main goal for this month is house renovation, even a little for the preparation of welcoming #Baby-M, indeed, hehee..

Have a great and blessed February, folks. GOD BLESS


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