Hey you, hubbie..

Long Time no story about My Hubbie, Miguel’s Papski, and thinking of him for now, making my fingers can’t stop writing something about him, which happened a few days ago.

I know my hubbie since 10 years ago, and almost 10 years I keep telling everything about me to him, although some of things that I told him was easily forgot *yes, he was. After got married, every single time that we had to talk, we would like to tell about everything more, yet sometime I felt that there were things that I shouldn’t tell him. WHY?

Honestly, even we’ve known each other for 10 years, it doesn’t make us become same in everything, especially for your thought. Through this 10 years, if there is a difference between us, we’ll talk about it and if we keep our thought without any decision, we’ll keep it by ourself, yes…this is marriage, this is us. Does it make me upset? For sure, it doesn’t! Even sibling isn’t same for all the way they talk, not even us 🙂

So..MAYBE,that’s why sometimes I keep something within me, without telling him, yet I told him that something is bothered me. Not because I don’t trust him, I trust him the most, Not because He would not give me help, oh..he would, but I don’t want to get an advice or after I told him about something that I thought is annoying, it burdensomes him.

Actually, The great China’s wall could be fallen, my mind istead. In one of our date, I took my phone and laughed because in a group conversation, it was too funny and I cant stand on it, then my hubbie took my phone, because he was curious about that I laughed at. I thoungh that my hubbie just read what I read before, yet he read all the conversation through my phone and suddenly he asked me, “It’s been a long time, since you told me about this group, why?”, It’s shocking me, because I never expect that he would ask me such a question. “There’s nothing I would tell you about that group”, “Really?”, he asked me and keep his eyes on me, and I who looked somewhere else become suspicious.

Then, I told him everything about what happen and what was on my mind for some time about that group. It’s that anyone fault actually, that’s just my problem, I can’t accept and too much expection on others will do to me. Then what happen with my hubbie since he heard all of that from me?  As I thought, he got worse, hahaa…that’s why… but I appreciated it, since he knew that his wifey is sad for sometimes because of others.

Another lesson that I got from my story above. GOD sent me the Right Man, even we are not always same thought in everything, yet he knows everything of me even I dont tell him a single word 🙂


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