20 Facts About ME

It’s happening in IG, yet anyone will tell 20 facts about them if someone tag her/him to write it down, lucky me there is no one who tag me, so I let myself to write it in my blog, keekkeke…


1. MOODY (Good starting, hu’h? :)))))
2. Have no idea how to be good at drawing
3. Could hate someone/something without any reason, just hating
4. You are good to me, I’ll do the same, and you know what happen if you are bad to me hu’h? 😉
5. Love eating, yet always compain about weight
6. Children’s lover too much, because they are the cutest creation by GOD
7. When in stress, in bad mood, in headache, in bad condition the best cure is any kind of COFFEE
8. I can’t swim *uhukk
9. Always try to straight forward to someone that I hate the most, yet I keep in silent
10. Can make any kind of drama, where the actor and actress are people around me, and keep in only in my mind
11. I love watching,reading book and stalking 😀
12. I’m a best teaser, especially to my hubbie
13. Curious, why are there any kind of stingy people in this world
14. I’m 30 and I never good at sing
15. Once I’m hurt, I can forgive,yet I can’t forget
16. Always try to please everyone and hope they do the same
17. I love spending time with crying for hours to tell everything with GOD by praying
18. Addicted to Korean
19. Love spicy and salty food
20. If there anyone who’s annoying and I keep thinking about, to release it I’ll pray for him/her until he/she is gone from my mind


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