I just need a space, I just need time to be given for myself, because I’m tired for all of this. I want to have broad minded everything that happen until now, because there’s no excuse for me to give up, even in a second, I wouldn’t but I couldn’t. I’m not gonna hidding, I just need space to think, I don’t need anything or anyone else, but time for myself.

I’m tired, really really tired. Too many things on my mind right now, about me especially, like why do I have to do the things that I never imagine I would be? and so on..this is hard, really hard :'(. For a long time I handled it by myself and pretend that everything was running well, nope..I can’t resist those things now, I have to find a way out of it, that’s why I need a space.

I’m tired and I need a space, that’s it. Thank you.


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